woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Cowboys Guitars & Cadillacs Radio Veldhoven 107.7

Every wednesday from 8-9 pm Dutch time
Rock n Roll Rockabilly Jive Swing Hillbilly Rhythm & Blues Country
and more from the 50's till now
Think about Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers,Elvis, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, BR5-49, Wanda Jackson, Johnny Burnette Ferlin Husky T.E. Ford and many more 
Go to www.omroepveldhoven.nl and click mediaplayer for live music at that hour.
See also facebook Cowboys Guitars & Cadillacs

zondag 26 juli 2015

Triumph Speed Triple

I'm so happy again
Bought this Speed Triple from 1999 today.
When it was build for the first time
I was very interested in the bike
I loved the looks and ofcourse it had to be a green one....
Now I can say: I have one ;-)

woensdag 22 juli 2015

The birth of a MONSTER

Ok not really a caferacer in the way I have them normally,
but this bike was ready for to bring it back to live again.
She was standing outside in all kinds of weather
and the condition was poor.
It didn't start well and a lot more wasn't that good at all
People said I was crazy buying it in this condition.....
But you know me, If I want something to be done
it's gonna happen and this was one of the fastest bikes for years....
Well first rule of all
it had to be safe to drive again and  a low budget bike ......
here's the result of this fast MONSTER

maandag 16 februari 2015

Rockabilly psycho at Altstadt Eindhoven

               6 Nov DEMENTED ARE GO

woensdag 4 februari 2015

Rock n Roll in Eindhoven Netherlands

Live agenda Rockabilly in Cafe Wilhelmina, Eindhoven:
(tenzij anders vermeld op zondag start record hop 16.00 start bands 17.00)

zondag 8 feb 2015 Little Roman and the Dirty Cats (B)
zondag 8 mrt 2015 Teddy boy Revival mmv Ghostriders (ex-Wildcats)
zondag 29 mrt 2015  Rockabilly band tba
paasmaandag 6 april 2015  Mike Mok & The Em Tones (USA)
zondag 19 apri. 2015  Porky’s Hot Rockin’ (UK) 
zondag 3 mei 2015  Rockin’ Lady & her Rivertown Boys (Estland)
zondag 7 juni 2015  Rusty Pinto (Australie) + CC Jerome & The Savoys
vrijdag 24 juli 2015 21.00 preparty Rock ‘n Roll meeting Eindhoven ( Let op vindt plaats in cafĂ© Altstad, Stratumseind 71, Eindhoven) Rockin’ Raffi (Fr)
zaterdag 25 juli 2015 14.00 free entrance 10e int. Rock ‘n Roll meeting mmv
Nelson Carrera & The Scoundrels (Port) + Sugaree (B) + Rockin’ Raffi (Fr) + more tba
zondag 4 okt 2015  Mary Ann & The Tri Tones (Estland)
okt of nov 2015 date tba  Jack Rabbit Slim (UK) + support Betty’s Doghouse

zondag 11 januari 2015

Sound of mine BMW R750/7 caferacer

It's a long time but not forgotten
I been busy with my beemers
Here the R750/7
Love the sound

maandag 27 oktober 2014

BMW R75/5

ok bought a BMW R75/5 last saturday
So it standing now beside the R75/7 caferacer
Gonna keep it original
They are not often for sale (for a nice price...)
I'm glad I have one now (again)
UPDATE 11-11-2014
Did put Dunstall Brituro's on the caferacer
Love the sound, but most of all the bike is quiker

woensdag 17 september 2014

Update BMW R75/7 caferacer

I waiting for talbot mirrors
but untill than
I did put these one's
on the fairing

zaterdag 13 september 2014

update Honda Hawk GT

Love it
I bought this yesterday
I think it looks very good on this bike

dinsdag 9 september 2014

28 september The Blue Cats in Geldrop

Don't forget
28 sept
in Geldrop
Just 8 tickets left
One of the best rockabilly bands ever.

vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

My "new" caferacer BMW R75/7 from1976

750 boxer engine with spoken wheels and cafe looks
and nice Hoske mufflers.
Some things are gonne change, but not much.
great runner

here a picture from above/behind
Took the pic on 31-8-2014

zondag 27 juli 2014

NT Honda Hawk GT ( Bros in the UK )

Here a picture of mine Hawk GT
It's fom the early 90's
Ok did some polishing....HAHA
Very proud of this "little" bike
Love riding it in the city and backroads
Light, fast and very easy to ride
But also on the motorway85-100 mph
NO PROBLEM at all (and even more....)
love it

Update 31-7-2014

Yesterday new rear tire
Tomorrow new chain sprockets

Here a picture of the front


zondag 15 juni 2014

Norton P11 from 1967 ( parts basket case )

I have a dream......
I want to restore mine Norton P11 from 1967
I only got a not complete basket case with old rusty parts

What do I have:

frame with custom papers from usa
swinging arm
oil tank
battery case
footpegs front and back
gear box
engine with cilinder (barrel)
petrol tank
front hub
high pipes
rear brake and foot brake
and more but not really can use that

So if the engine and the gearbox is ok...I might start collecting the other parts
Just because this a very special Norton.

So you can say I'm looking for some things, mayby you got it?  ;-)

phot of the very special foot pegs
update 29-6-2014
here a picture of the high pipes
this week I also get te chrome silincers for the p11


Here's my new ride: Triumph TR6R 650cc Tiger

I knew that this bike was for sale because  I also knew the owner and he was a man above the 70, and couldn't start the bike anymore.
Even got problems with his wrist and so the clutch was a hell for him.
Always stood in the garage and you can see that at the bike
Well look for yourself

maandag 5 mei 2014

I've been to the Koperenteutenrally 2014

The first photo is my Matchless and the Triumph Daytona and Norton 88 of the M8's
The Triumph Bonneville and Norton 99 aswell
The other bikes are beautiful I think and give you an impression of the british 50's bikes on this meeting

zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Found this BSA A65 Lightning from the 60's today

Ok just a photo for now
It's with Original dutch license

and almost complete
nice bike to restore

zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Update Matchless: did clean the bike

Did clean the bike and I think it's a very nice bike to look at.
Next update will be photo's when I cleaned(polish) the engine

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Bought a Matchless from 1957 today

It looks very well in restored condition.
It's from 1957
Got good compression

donderdag 12 december 2013

the Benelli 250 2c in the Dutch Benelli Club magazine: Benellissimo

Yes the Benelli is with story published in the Benellissimo.
This is how I find her and what happened until the price
on Veteranen Treffen Woerden.

woensdag 6 november 2013

Speedfest Eindhoven 23-11-2013

Hatebreed Vista Chino Guana Batz Buzzcocks Peter Pan Speedrock The Monsters Agnostic Front Honky Anti-Nowhere League The P.O.X. Valient Thorr Tech-9 Wildmen The Urban Voodoo Machine Bullet The Sha-La-Lee's Komatsu Bliksem SpiralArms Scorpion Child Spiders Monster Truck Johannes de Boom

Live Rockabilly and more at the Rambler Eindhoven Holland

zondag 10 nov 2013  The Panhandlers (B) (cd presentatie “Big Train”)
zondag 24 nov 2013  The Barnstompers
donderdag 5 dec 2013 20.00  Restless (UK) + (Stray Cat) Slim Jim Phantom
Trio (USA/UK) ft Polecats All star Line up: Tim Polecat and Phil Bloomberg ????? (SJP tour is CANCELLED RESTLESS  TBA???)
zondag 8 dec 2013 15.00  Boppin’ Billy Festival part 5:
mmv Deuce Coupe (USA) + The Rob Ryan Roadshow (USA) +
The Spunyboys (Fr) + The Domestic Bumblebees (Sw)
zondag 22 dec 2013  The WyattChristmas Trio (D) (swingin’ rock n roll christmasparty!!!!)
zondag 5 jan 2014 Rockabilly Neywyearsparty 6:
Carl & The Rhythm All Stars (Fr) + The Hi Tombs
zondag 26 jan 2014  The Town Rebels (D)(Revival party Teddy Boy rock ‘n Roll/Rockabilly!)
zondag 9 feb 2014 Spo-Dee-O-Dee (D) 
Vrijdag 20 dec 2013 The Meteors (UK)  (Psychobilly/Neo Rockabilly)
donderdag 16 jan 2014 Demented are Go (UK)  (Psychobilly)

agendapunten optredens elders:
The Atomic Road Kings (USA) (bandnaam wordt gewijzigd in Kyle Jester Blues show)
zondag 17 november 2013 17.00 stipt
in cafe Wilhelmina, Wilhelminaplein 6, Eindhoven

zaterdag 26 juli 2014
9e int rock ‘n roll meeting Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven
met o.a.
The Delta Bombers (USA)
The Backseat Boogie (Italy)
The Kingshakes (UK)
The Unkool Hillbillies (Sw)
The Hi Tombs (nl)
more tba soon


maandag 21 oktober 2013

Jawa 500 ohc from 1958

I was this weekend in Germany and saw a little museum with bikes from the past.
So I was wondering what was inside
Well one of the bikes you don't see often was there.
Jawa 500 ohc from 1958
I wish I had it in my shed

maandag 30 september 2013

My Kawasaki 440 LTD

Is it a trail.....
Is it a scrambler....
Is it a motard......
What is it?
Funbike with other parts of Yamaha Suzuki BSA and
a old cross handlebar from the 70's

zondag 22 september 2013

Benelli 250 2c won a price at Nationaal Veteraan Treffen Woerden 2013

The Benelli did win  a price at Veteraan Treffen Woerden Holland 2013.
Here is a picture on stage with other bikes who also won a  price.

donderdag 19 september 2013

Believe it or not....Found the left rubber handle today

Benelli patented
also found
rubber cap
aprilia glass with metal inside that's not broken